QMS Jubilee Facial Treatment - Celebrating 20 Years of Skincare Innovations

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To celebrate 20 years of QMS, we have created The Jubilee Facial treatment. A 90-minute Activ-Collagen with Eye Reviver facial, exclusively for KaDaWe.

KaDaWe Department Store, Berlin, is an amazing Landmark Location for QMS in Germany. A fantastic department store, offering a beauty counter and a dedicated facial room for our clients.

The Jubilee Treatment is an advanced, anti-aging facial combining the QMS Medicosmetics founding facial care system of high performance natural soluble collagens and exfoliants with an exclusive eye reviving treatment created using one of the latest innovations within the collection.

Your skin will be prepared through deep pore cleansing and exfoliation prior to the application of pioneering treatment mask. Moisture levels will be boosted through the intensely hydrating collagens, eyes will be lifted and relaxed and the skin will feel restored, nourished and smooth.

We hope visitors to the KaDaWe Store take time out from the hectic world of shopping and into our Jubliee haven.

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