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Last year, I hit the big 4-0. And for the first time I realised it was time to start looking after my skin. Genetically blessed with a clear complexion through my teens, and an active, outdoors lifestyle, I've taken my skin for granted my whole life. I've always washed my face with a flannel and hot water, moisturising with E45 and Vaseline. I had eczema as a child, and my skin is so sensitive it won't tolerate anything else.

When few lines started to appear in my mid-30s, I splashed out on an anti-aging serum from a popular high-street pharmacy. It irritated my skin so I took it back and thought no more.

I'm a health and ski journalist, and while researching a piece about skincare for the mountains, I stumbled across QMS. I tested the Day Collagen Protection and Night Collagen Repair, along with the Sport Active Cream. Not only would my skin tolerate it, but from the first application it made a difference. While researching the article I tested a number of other top-name brands and none felt so comfortable after application nor made such an astonishing difference, so quickly.

I spend my life outside in harsh climates - I grew up on a farm, and if I'm not in the mountains I'm on the water, sailing, or out walking, cycling or running. Or I'm travelling, cooped up in a plane for 12 hours and changing time zones. It's a wonder my skin isn't 100 times worse.

I'm not one for much make up and use foundation once in a blue moon, because it feels tight and uncomfortable on my face - and believe you me, I've tried.

Until I tried the QMS Sport Active Cream. It's richly moisturising but light, and magically evens out my skin tone while managing to make me look fresh faced, even when I may have just stepped off a long-haul flight and feel grey both inside and out. The fact that it contains an SPF gives me some confidence though if I'm skiing I apply extra sun protection beneath.

A few weeks after using QMS products full time, I met up with my mum and she accused me of having Botox. It was the excuse I needed to continue to treat myself, and my skin, and hopefully keep those wrinkles at bay for a good few years to come. The best thing about the products is that although they are pricey, they last - a tiny dab goes a long way, and the new formulation Day and Night Collagen goes even further. A devout fan!

Abigail Butcher

I'm a freelance health, fitness, ski and adventure travel journalist writing for a range of titles including the Daily Telegraph, Metro, Daily Mail, Tatler, Health & Fitness, Adventure Travel and Exclusively British. Sport-mad, I have raced over mountains in Colorado on foot, ski and bike, raced yachts across the Atlantic and recently completed (and won) a quadrathlon across the mountains of Norway. I live by the coast in Lymington, Hampshire.

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