An innovative contouring cream for the body.

Revitalizing Lift-o-Firm Body

An innovative contouring cream with a very effective lifting ingredient that helps sculpt your body and firm problem areas. Bitter orange is used to help stimulate fat burning whilst natural oils leave the skin smooth and full of vitality.

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“The cream that does it all”

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How it works

Logic not miracles

An innovative contouring cream with very effective lifting ingredients that sculpt your body. Firms problem areas such as legs, stomach, upper arms and breast area. Synephrine, derived primarily from the fruit of Citrus aurantium, also known as bitter orange stimulates fat burning. And combined with Coffein, L - Carnitin, Lecithin, Apricot oil and Orange oil, leaves skin firm, smooth and full of vitality.

The Benefits

What will it do for my skin?

  • Firms the skin contours for the entire body.
  • Smoothes and firms the skin. Also increasing the elasticity of the skin.
  • Provides radiance to the skin, a harmonious balance and a glowing appearance.
  • Ideally suited as a support in combination during or after a health diet.
  • Spectacularly light texture.
  • Smooth, softens and firms the skin.

How to Apply

Will it work with my regime?

Massage gently into the body with circular motions. Repeat as many times a day as desired.

Revitalizing Lift-o-Firm Body


A Superior Regime

Hand & Body

It is not just the face that can benefit from a good regime; the rest of your body needs attention with skincare styled to condition and offer anti-aging benefits.

Healthy, young-looking skin takes a little work but it is not complicated to achieve if you use the right products.

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