Pearltouch Duo

This luxurious re-firming and moisturizing cream with pure Silk Proteins and precious Pearl extracts comes in a water free formulation to ensure the most effective penetration of the precious ingredients even in extreme temperatures.

The exclusive active ingredient complex is based on natural substances and does not feature any emulsifiers, stabilizers or chemical additives. These skin-improving ingredients are combined with a unique skin identical base SILS (Skin Identical Lipid Structure) designed to allow more effective and quicker penetration into the skin where they then unfold with an intensive, lasting effect. Additionally the airless dispensers provide the optimal protection for the valuable ingredients of this deeply moisturizing skin identical cream and help reduce oxidization. Skin is left smooth, deeply moisturized and visibly improved.

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“Keep skin smooth and plump with Pearltouch nourishing and repairing moisturiser.”

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How it works

Logic not miracles

Luxurious re-firming and moisturizing cream. The exclusive concept of active ingredients is based on natural substances from pure Silk Protein and precious Pearl extracts from Japan. High grade and valuable contents smooth and firm up skin and regularly replenishes moisture deposits. Due to the unique skin identical base SILS (Skin Identical Lipid Structure) Pearltouch penetrates effectively and quickly into the skin and unfolds an intensive and lasting effect. A skin-rejuvenating facial treatment for all skin types that meets highest demands for a visibly improved and smooth skin structure. Unique skin identical cream base without emulsifiers, stabilizers or other chemical additives.

The Benefits

What will it do for my skin?

  • Immediately absorbed by the skin
  • Relieves skin of stress
  • Regulates the amount of Lipids and moisture in the skin
  • Strengthens the epidermal barrier
  • Supports the natural regeneration of the skin
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles and prevents further wrinkles from appearing
  • Delays premature photo-aging
  • Leaves a silky smooth and nourishing skin after the first application

How to Apply

Will it work with my regime?

Apply mornings and evenings to thoroughly cleansed skin. Spread evenly by hand and gently massage using circular movements.

Pearltouch Duo


A Superior Regime


Whatever your age, hydration is vital for the skin and a good moisturizer should address the loss of moisture as well as maintain and improve hydration at a cellular level.

Healthy, young-looking skin takes a little work but it is not complicated to achieve if you use the right products.

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