Ensures your body is healthy and toned.

Body Performance Duo

Pro-Body Exfoliator: An invigorating body gel formulated with micro-fine exfoliating particles to gently dissolve dead skin cells, anti-oxidant rich Malachite to protect the skin and energizing essential oils to refresh the senses. Eliminates dry, rough skin leaving it smooth, soft and supple.

Revitalizing Lift-o-Firm Body: An innovative contouring and sculpting cream enriched with highly effective lifting ingredients that firm problem areas such as stomach, upper arms and the breast area while a blend of aromatic oils stimulate and energize the senses. Leaves skin firm, smooth and full of vitality.

200+200 ml £95

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How it works

Logic not miracles

The Body Performance Duo ensures your body is healthy and toned to perfection. The classic combination of smoothing and sculpting is taken to a new level with these specially formulated body products. Each designed to deliver superior results for every body of every age.

The Benefits

What will it do for my skin?

• Refines the skin structure
• Stimulates the skin's metabolism
• Ensures your body is healthy and toned to perfection.

How to Apply

Will it work with my regime?

Pro-Body Exfoliator: Apply to moist skin with circular movements as often as needed. Thoroughly wash off.
Revitalizing Lift-o-Firm Body: Massage gently into the body with circular motions. Repeat as many times a day as desired.

Body Performance Duo


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