A Review of Our Activ-Skin Travel Kit By Journalist Chrissy Iley For Beauty & The Dirt

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At this time of year I'm all about the travel size. Even though I have absolutely no holidays booked, the idea that I might be jetting off somewhere always panics me if I can't take my face treats that I've come to depend on.

I'm very excited about my travel size oil cleanser from Elemis. I'm very excited about taking travel size mist and the thought of spritzing away on a plane just seems to effortlessly powerful. Hello plane, you're not going to dry me out this time.

What I'm most excited about transferring into my little plastic bag is the QMS Medicosmetics Activ-Skin Travel Kit. I've no idea why it's called Activ. Maybe for people who are active or while sun, sand, heat and planes have their devastating effects on the skin, QMS is actively out there, lighting, battling to make you feel just a little bit more in charge of a less flaky destiny.

The travel kit consists of Activator Mini Mask, a one stop instant refresher, pick me up and skin wower. Travel size Deep Cleansing. I love this cleansing cream. It's so potently gorgeous. It really does get busy and it really does a great job of giving an intense clean and a scrubbed radiance. There's also a mini Refreshing Tonic and a mini Moisturizing Balance which is a luxurious moisturising cream that glides into your skin effortlessly and cleverly. And then a little piece de resistance. Mini Collagens. One for night, one for day and one Exfoliating Fluid. They are coming with me! The kit comes in a lovely box which I'll be putting into a less lovely airport plastic bag, so if ever you wanted to miniaturise your must-haves and have a compact stay at home kit, still go for Activ-Skin Travel Kit.