Ode to Eye Care by Chrissy Iley

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'I was starting to worry that my eyes looked baggy, puffy, wrinkled. How do I reverse eye ageing without involving a needle or a knife? Can eye creams really help? Some took away circles, some helped with the puffiness but I resigned myself that there are some things you cant change.
It was not a happy resignation. I don't do disappointment well. I never want to give up on anything. Especially eye bag disappearance.

Then I discovered QMS Advanced Intensive Eye Care. It has gorgeous texture, rich yet light, whipped and super hydrating but quickly absorbed. It has natural firming extracts that are paired with intensely moisturizing ingredients that together rejuvenate the eye area. And they really do!

People would look at me quizzically, I can see them wanting to say: " have you had work done?" But I have just been using a really good cream. It plumps out fine lines and fades dark circles.

After three weeks my eyes were noticeable happier and more youthful. The eye bags that were starting to bother me all but disappeared. This cream takes them away and gives you back confidence. I never want to be without it. It is the best I have ever tried and I don't ever even want to try another. This is powerful.'