"Are you tired of looking tired?" Kristina von Oertzen, fashion blogger at myshoppingspy.com reviews the Skin Cell Renewal Treatment

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Kristina von Oertzen, fashion blogger at myshoppingspy.com reviews the Skin Cell Renewal Treatment

"It seems that the days of the classic facial are over and a new era has begun – the one of the technological beauty treatments. As a close follower of the latest trends in fashion and beauty I recently tried QMS’ much hyped about Skin Cell Renewal Treatment and I’m impressed.

The treatment starts with the usual deep pore cleansing and skin exfoliation with fruit acids and enzymes. The acid stings a little but it is needed to open my pores and activate the peel. The next step, a very cold algae mask, feels amazing after the hot steam and works wonders to calm down my skin. It is applied all over my face including mouth and eyes (!) to rehydrate and lift off dry and dead skin. You actually feel how it cleanses your face when it hardens and the therapist peels it off in one piece.

By now my skin is glowing and as clean as it could possible be. I’m ready for the techy part of the treatment. An Ion Skin Equalizer Serum is applied via an oxygen boost to assure it reaches the deeper layers of my skin. The only thing I notice is a nice scent from the serum and a refreshing breeze from the oxygen. I’m inhaling as much as I can thinking of all the health benefits of pure oxygen.

The therapist now applies a relaxing fleece mask soaked in hyaluronic acid and marine collagen. This mask works wonders on tired and stressed skin. To intensify the effect of the product it is covered with foil. I feel a pleasant increase in temperature and battle with not falling asleep.

The treatment has its grand finale with a face massage using the second key ingredient, the Ion Skin Equalizer Cream. It wipes out all remaining signs of tiredness and makes my skin look firmer and younger. This is all thanks to a bio-electric field that apparently I now have on my face. I can’t feel, see or smell it but for sure see the effect of it. My skin has a healthy glow, fine lines are gone and overall I look and feel very relaxed.

An electric field, my new beauty secret. Who would have thought that?!" Kristina von Oertzen, fashion blogger at myshoppingspy.com