How Did We Cope Without A Good Cleanser? By Chrissy Iley

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I have to say it was many years before I understood what a good cleanser actually was. I come from the school of thought that it is perfectly ok to sleep in your make up. By the time I realised it wasn't I still did not understand the importance that without a deep clean the skin will never look fresh or radiant.

Your make up will never become seamless and glide onto your skin. Without clean skin you look somehow undone, disheveled at the very core.

QMS Medicosmetics' Deep Cleansing is a cleanser beyond all others. It seems to clean deep down to the core and now I cannot be without it. Its magic is that it is intense but at the same time gentle and its cleverness is how deeply it really works. It is super speedy. In a flash your skin has the kind of luminosity that I have not found in other cleansers, that just wipe away make up and grime. This one seems to shine and polish your inner radiance. Pores feel as if they were rinsed to their core and the cleanser along with the Freshening Tonic restores the skin's ph balance. A balanced skin is a happy skin. Calm and smooth.

I ran out of this cleanser for a while so I used another. In a week or so my skin looked muddy. It looked tired and had a greyness about it that had nothing to do with dirt. My make up did not go on smoothly and there was no glow. No matter what I did I could not find my sparkle. I always thought glow came from other products - highlighters for instance - but I discovered it comes from the skin's cells themselves. Deep Cleansing cleans where no other cleanser can go and it is very special.