‘Jean Queen’ Donna Ida Loves Sport Active Cream

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The super stylish Donna Ida shares why she loves Sport Active Cream so much.

QMS Mediocosmetic's Sports Active Cream is a product that I absoutely love and wear every single day, even when I'm not working out! I fell in love with this miraculous cream by trying a tester size and it works so well with my lifestyle that now I can't imagine using anything else.

I like to wear makeup but I don't like to look too 'made up' so I prefer products that can give me a natural look. QMS Sport Active Cream is a lovely moisturising day cream, which is tinted to gives me a healthy glow. It is a nice, light consistency so it isn't too obvious on the skin but it covers up little imperfections.

Time is also crucial to me, I am an early riser, setting my alarm for 5am and am on the road by 6am so I like the fact that it can be applied super quickly and easily.

The clever bit is, that it works with whatever skin tone you have, so I don't need to change my routine in the cooler months or in Summer when my skin is more tanned. It also has an SPF 15 in it, making it a good all-year-round product that is great for holidays as it always leaves your skin glowing.

This cream has become a bit of a staple in makeup bag, in the same way that jeans are the foundation to my wardrobe. You just need a few fashion essentials to make your life easier; a great pair of well fitting skinny jeans like the IDA Rizzo Ankle Skinny, good quality cashmere jumpers and a beautiful silk blouse for the evening. For my makeup routine: at weekends, I might only wear Sports Active Cream on it's own, and then for work I'll add eye makeup from Bobbi Brown (try their Shadow Sticks) and a slick of their mascara.

Life is fast paced enough, so it is great to have products you can rely on. I love that while I am wearing it, I know that I will look natural and fresh, that's all a girl really wants!