Pearltouch By Chrissy Iley

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Pearltouch comes in a tiny pearl like dome. It fits in the smallest of make up bags yet for all its tininess it is super powerful. It is deeply moisturising and deeply special. Its texture is like no other. It instantly absorbs into the skin and adds radiance. As if it is reaching far down into the deep layers of the skin and treating them all to a gorgeous hydration.

It has recently been reformulated and it seems even more powerful. I always love creams, which are super easily absorbed. Thick creams can look luxurious in the container but they don`t penetrate the skin in a way that this does. I love the feel of it; on the fingers, on the face, I love the whole process of it.

Pearltouch works particularly well in extreme temperatures. It is a great summer moisturiser and equally good as a winter mask. The active ingredients also seem to act as a re-firming and smoothing cream. Who wouldn`t want to have crushed pearls on their face? Who wouldn't think that is somehow magical? It does re-firm and make the skin look juicy.

The pearl extracts are from Japan and the other ingredients come from silk protein and it feels like silk on the skin. It is super long lasting and I very much like travelling with it on planes. The air is so drying but with Pearltouch you feel protected and fully moisturised. And it is so tiny, it easily fits in the hand luggage approved see through bag. I like the plumping effect it has on the skin. I am not sure how it does this but after using it you actually see the difference. You see plumped up, smooth skin, reduced wrinkles and it is said to prevent further wrinkles from appearing. I love the feel of it; I love that something so tiny is so potent. You can use it mornings and evenings, as it is quite expensive I use it mornings only and find that it is a heavenly start to the day.

The Pearltouch (10ml) mentioned in this article comes within the Pearltouch Duo set, consisting of the 40ml & 10ml.