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Physiotherapist and Pilates Expert Helen O'Leary loves how Liquide Proteins is perfect for her active lifestyle.

I never really had a beauty routine until I went to QMS. Previously I was using water wipes or simply warm water and not really using any moisturiser except the occasional Nivea or E45. I have always been quite lucky with my skin but recently stress, working long hours and moving around the City started to make my skin feel dry with some redness.

As a treat, a friend introduced me to the QMS' facial week at Liberty as a bit of a stress reliever. After an 80 minute facial, my skin immediately felt better and more hydrated and I was definitely calmer! I tested the cleanser and toner and was recommended to use the Liquide Proteins moisturiser to keep the hydration in my skin. I was immediately surprised at how light the moisturiser was and how soft my skin felt. Normally, running around London, the travel and the long hours means by the end of the day my skin was feeling tight, dry and dull with some oily patches.

I never use foundation and rarely wear makeup except mascara when I am not working. The Liquide Proteins moisturiser immediately made my skin appear brighter and made it feel supple again, even at the end of a long day. After using it for a few weeks I noticed that the quality of the skin, particularly around my eyes looked much better. I love that it is in a simple bottle with a pump action as this means that you only use a little bit, and this is honestly all you need. I know it is a more expensive then a lot of moisturisers on the market. However, this gem last for a long time and really one pump is all you need! I travel everywhere with it.

Helen O'Leary is a Physiotherapist and Director of a Pilates Rehabilitation studio called Complete Pilates Medical, which is currently based in Chelsea and the City, London. Prior to setting up her company, she worked for London Wasps, Cirque Du Soleil's arena touring shows and British Gymnastics. Helen's passion for travel and photography means she tries to combine the two with as many adventurous holidays as she can.