Picture Perfect Skin by Professional Makeup Artist Eliza Howden

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Every woman wants to feel fabulous for those special occasions, especially their wedding day, and having beautiful makeup is a big part of that! So where to start.

The truth that any makeup artist will tell you is that great makeup starts with good skin. Everyone has skin challenges, whether it's dry and flaky or oily and breakout prone. Simply understanding your skin type and taking the time to nurture it will improve it ten fold. Start working on your skin early as leaving facials and changing your skin routine until a month before your event will almost certainly leave you with breakouts on the day whilst your skin clears.

I have been a massive fan of QMS since I was introduced to them by a friend and they have a great range of products to get your skin in shape.

Get your basics sorted first with a cleanser, toner and moisturizer routine. The Deep Cleansing and Freshening Tonic are perfect for this. I am obsessed with QMS's 24H. Cream and use it religiously. It feels hydrating and smells lovely and fresh, which amazingly lasts all day. I have been hassled by my mother since I can remember about eye cream, and have finally found my match in Cellular Alpine. I have genuinely found a difference in the skin around my eyes, seeing it smoother and brighter than I have with other products.

I would advise regular facials if you want to get the best from your skin, but there is no need to be shelling out £100 a time. QMS Activator Mask is perfect to use at home. It is designed to hydrate and smooth skin as well as give you an excuse to escape for 20 minutes me time!

(Once you have your skincare locked down the next step is makeup! If you decide to use a MUA (makeup artist) make sure you do your research before your trial and take idea of what kind of look you might want on the day. Any good makeup artist will use this as a jumping off point to creating the perfect look for your face. Pinterest and Instagram are a great place for a little inspiration.

The number one tip I can give you to working with a MUA is to talk to them. If you hate something tell them, if you love something make sure they write it down. A trial is your time to get the look you want for you day pinned down.

If you are doing your makeup yourself be sure to invest in the right products, if nothing else focus on your base. Flaky and patchy foundation ages everyone so if you are on a budget, this is where to spend you money. Remember, get the right shade for your skin and if you are naturally oily go with an oil free foundation and visa versa. A glow is attractive but greasy is not. Staying power is key to a look lasting and looking fresh all day. Most counters do a brilliant finishing powder to keep your base in place without looking heavy.)

For me helping a woman look beautiful, happy and confident is the reason I do this job.

Visit Eliza Howden's website for more information on how she can help you get picture perfect for your big day. Or contact her directly on T: 07944802881 and E: ​info@elizahowdenbeauty.co.uk.