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Journalist Abigail Butcher loves Sport Active Cream & Our Collagens

Last year, I hit the big 4-0. And for the first time I realised it was time to start looking after my skin. Genetically blessed with a clear complexion through my teens, and an active, outdoors lifestyle, I've taken my skin for granted my whole life. I've always washed my face with a flannel and hot water, moisturising with E45 and Vaseline. I had eczema as a child, and my skin is so sensitive it won't tolerate anything else.

Pearltouch By Chrissy Iley

Pearltouch comes in a tiny pearl like dome. It fits in the smallest of make up bags yet for all its tininess it is super powerful. It is deeply moisturising and deeply special. Its texture is like no other. It instantly absorbs into the skin and adds radiance. As if it is reaching far down into the deep layers of the skin and treating them all to a gorgeous hydration.