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Ode to Eye Care by Chrissy Iley

'I was starting to worry that my eyes looked baggy, puffy, wrinkled. How do I reverse eye ageing without involving a needle or a knife? Can eye creams really help? Some took away circles, some helped with the puffiness but I resigned myself that there are some things you cant change.
It was not a happy resignation. I don't do disappointment well. I never want to give up on anything. Especially eye bag disappearance.

QMS Medicosmetics – Serious Beauty Treatments

After burning the candle at both ends with various mini-breaks around Europe and summer parties, I noticed my skin looked dull, dehydrated and tired. I went in search of a serious beauty treatment that would re-energise my skin - not a candles burning, listening-to-whale-music in a dark room facial. And so, I booked a treatment at QMS Medicosmetics in Chelsea, London.