Pearltouch Duo Is Back In Stock

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This luxurious, re-firming and intensely moisturizing cream now features a new style dispenser, which helps to protect its unique anti-aging formulation packed full of valuable ingredients including Silk Proteins and precious Pearl extracts.

One of Pearltouch's most innovative features is its skin identical base SILS (Skin Identical Lipid Structure) as this allows for a more effective and quicker penetration into the skin; making it ideal to travel with as perfect for every climate. Plus its skin-rejuvenating benefits help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and leave the skin silky smooth and nourished after the first application.

Make sure to apply mornings and evenings to thoroughly cleansed skin, by gently massaging the cream in circular movements to receive the full effects.

Pearltouch Duo 30ml + 10ml: £265

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