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Dr. Schulte talks to Finch's Quarterly Review about The Good Sun.

Get Smart about Sun

You can't live without sunshine, we need it for our wellbeing but it is also the single biggest cause of skin damage. So when you are planning to be in the sun remember the golden rule - 'Prevention is better than cure'.

To avoid the burn pick the right sunscreen formula that fits your lifestyle; make sure you go for one that blocks both UVA and UVB rays, these are called 'broad spectrum'. I always recommend ones that are hypoallergenic and also non-comedogenic as they help keep your skin free from irritants and blocked pores. Only products that have this full protection can help defend the skin against all the different areas of skin damage. UVB light is the primary cause for sunburn as well as the more serious long-term damage and protecting against UVA light plays an important role in preventing wrinkles and signs of aging. Don't be tempted by the midday sun, far better to find a lovely lunch table and a bottle of something cool in the shade, as this is when those UVB rays are at their strongest.

Sun protection is only half the story, make sure you prepare the skin with a good exfoliator but gentle before going in the sun and always use a regenerating moisturizer. Within the QMS Medicosmetics skincare collection one of the best to use when you have been in the sun is Cellular Marine. This is derived from Sea Fennel Stem Cells that not only support the body's stem cells but also enhance the stimulation of new skin cells. Another top tip for healthy beauty is to have facials pre and post sun exposure, they can really help keep the skin in youthful looking condition and recover any damage. Finally do not forget your 'cool shades', wraparound are particularly good for protecting the delicate skin around the eyes and make sure they give total block out of UV rays.