A Firming & Rejuvenating Combination: A Skincare Tip From QMS Head Education Trainer

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An ideal way to help restore the skin's tonicity and stimulate the all important collagen and elastin fibres is using our treatment serum Co-Lectine 3 in combination with the revolutionary Ion Skin Equalizer. Says Sanne van den Broek, Head Education Trainer.

These two exceptional products work in synergy to target sagging skin as well as the aging vertical lines often found in the cheek area. As we age these are very common areas of concern and the damage is often made worse by stress, sun damage or other lifestyle factors. The specially designed formulations of Co-Lectine 3 and I.S.E. promote the creation of new skin cells and the strengthening of the skin.

For best results use Co-Lectine 3 in the morning after your cleansing routine and pre-application of your moisturizer and in the evening use I.S.E. as your evening hydrator post cleansing.

Co-Lectine 3 (£157, 30ml) & Ion Skin Equalizer (£260, 2x30ml)