Beauty: Saturation Point

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Cleanse, tone, moisturize, right? Wrong. Now experts are suggesting we forgo moisturizer in favor of new formulas.

From using avocado in pre-Columbus Latin America to palm oil in ancient Africa, we've long been finding ways to moisturize. Today, moisturizer accounts for 60 per cent of women's total skincare spend across the globe*. But there is growing evidence to suggest that while we may be easily seduced by silky formulas and the promise of anti-aging benefits, we've been making our skin lazy.

"Many moisturizers have precisely the opposite effect," says Dr Erich Schulte, founder of QMS Medicosmetics. "The high water content of the cream moistens the outermost layer of skin and produces a pleasant, satiated sensation. However, the water quickly evaporates due to body temperature, which ultimately exacerbates dryness. After a few months, the skin becomes a moisturizing addict."

A dull, congested and sensitized complexion is an indication of moisturizer-dependent skin, as it becomes less able to regulate its own moisture barrier function. Yet in response, we often load on more moisturizer.

While the idea of foregoing moisturizer altogether can be disconcerting, perhaps it's time to consider this counterintuitive approach if you regularly experience skin problems. Instead, the key is to shift the emphasis of your skincare regime to to the cleansing stage or consider swaping your face cream for a serum to see serious skincare results.

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