New Year – New Beauty Resolutions

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Make this a Happy New Year for Your Skin

January is the perfect month to give you skincare regime an overhaul. Not only does your skin need an extra boost after all the Christmas and New Year festivities but also a new year means a fresh opportunity to make some skincare resolutions for the year.

The basis for healthy skin is to cleanse, tone, exfoliate and moisturize but there are some other key areas we recommend to consider:

1. If you don't use a separate eye cream, it's time to start, as the sensitive, thinner skin of this area needs a perfectly suited product - Advanced Intensive Eye Care or Cellular Alpine

2. Take targeted supplements such as our skin regenerating Intravital Plus nutricosmetics for beauty achieved from within

3. Use a serum with hyaluronic acid for an extra hydration boost, our Co-Lectine 3 also stimulates your own collagen and leaves skin firmer and more lifted

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