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One of the best ways to ensure your skin stays healthy and radiant is with some key 'skin prep' essentials. Our recommendations combine a core routine with the added benefit of improving the performance of the moisturising or treatment products you use afterwards.

First up is cleansing, you really can't have any kind of skincare routine without it. Our Deep Cleansing gently removes impurities and dirft (including makeup), whilst our Freshening Tonic, an alcohol free toner, leaves the skin soft and refreshed.

Now you are ready to exfoliate. Exfoliant Fluid is a gentle yet highly effective exfoliation featuring a unique peeling system of fruit acids and enzymes. It helps to accelerate cellular regeneration and provides the ideal preparation for other skincare products. For sensitive skin, MED Dermabrasive Gel is the one for you.

Last but of course not least, do not forget your body. Pro-Body Exfoliator is an invigorating shower gel formulated to remove dead skin cells and leave skin smooth and supple.

After all this skin prep make sure to moisturize, browse our range here.

An added benefit for this month is for any orders throughout April you could be in with a chance to win our Collagen & Exfoliant Set worth £189.

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