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Summer Suncare Tips

It's not too late to get your body smooth, toned and 'beach-ready'. The essential first step, and actually something to get into a routine about all year round, is exfoliation.

Removing dead skin cells is essential - so 'out' with dull, tired looking skin and 'in' with rejuvenated and soft skin. Our Pro-Body Exfoliator is perfect for this, with its anti-oxidant rich Malachite to protect the skin and energizing essential oils to refresh the senses.

Once exfoliated it is imperative to keep the skin moisturized and replenished, our Revitalizing Lift-O-Firm Body is an innovative contouring, sculpting and hydrating cream, which leaves the skin firm, smooth and full of vitality. A multi-tasking must-have to keep your body in great shape.

Never forget the neck. With Neck & More the intensive moisturizing complexes effectively help to tighten the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles with a focus on the delicate skin of the neck, décolleté and bust (it is also brilliant for firming the arms).

If you are not lucky enough to visit The Anassa Hotel (dedicated image) then at least you will be Summer Body Ready wherever you go.