Face cleansing – the first step in your beauty routine

Face cleansing – the first step in your beauty routine

Regardless of whether you’re tired in the evening or stressed in the morning: you shouldn’t go without a thorough face cleansing ritual. So why is regular skin cleansing so essential to a radiant complexion? Skincare products, such as a cleansing milk or a toner, free your skin of impurities and make-up. At the same time, they also remove excess sebum from your pores so that they don’t become enlarged, which can result in annoying blemishes such as pimples and blackheads appearing and your skin displaying an unattractive shine. Instead, it remains visibly refreshed and smooth to the touch. When choosing your cleanser, make sure that the product is suited to your skin type. If you notice very dry, tight areas on your face, a gentle, alcohol-free cleansing milk is ideal for you. This is also perfectly suited to people with sensitive skin which can quickly become red and irritated. An oily skin requires a nourishing face cleanser while combination skin welcomes a moisturizing boost. We will inform you of which QMS products are ideal for cleansing your face.

The cleansing milk frees your skin of make-up and all remaining impurities

Start your care program with an intensive yet gentle face cleansing: our premium Deep Gentle Cleanser is a pleasantly light cleaning lotion developed to cleanse your skin of oil and impurities from the environment as well as foundation, powder and other make-up products. Thanks to a formulation containing no mineral oil, it doesn’t clog your pores. After the deep cleansing, your skin feels soft and supple and is protected against irritation and dryness. Our effective cleansing milk is suitable for all skin types and is therefore also ideal for people with sensitive skin. Use this product in both the morning and the evening. You should then wash your face and remove any remaining product with our QMS sponge, which also lightly peels and detoxifies your skin. Tip: as the Deep Gentle Cleanser contains no alcohol, you can also use it to remove eye make-up. 

The toner completes your daily skin cleaning ritual

While you should never forego an intensive face cleansing, it can nevertheless throw the pH value of your skin out of balance. You can restore this balance to your complexion by using a face toner, or tonic mist. Our Hydrating Boost Tonic Mist has been developed to provide a thorough subsequent cleaning and remove any remaining impurities and make-up residue. At the same time, the mild face toner reinforces the protective acid mantle of your skin, protects it against harmful environmental factors and leaves your skin feeling pleasantly fresh. Cellular regeneration is accelerated while the toner also lightly soothes and hydrates your skin, which is ideally prepared for the next steps of your beauty routine and can more readily absorb products such as face cream or serum. Apply our premium face toner after our Deep Gentle Cleanser and our Active Exfoliant 11% or Active Exfoliant 7%. Moisten a cotton pad with the toner and spread it over your face and neck.

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