Skincare for men: singer Liam Payne swears by skincare from QMS

Liam Payne's favorite skincare products

Skincare was once a topic that interested mostly women, but more and more men are now discovering the importance of facial care for themselves. They want to protect their skin against harmful environmental influences and UV rays in order to effectively prevent skin damage and premature skin aging. Numerous stars and celebrities are among the many male fans of cosmetic skincare products. Liam Payne—the British singer, songwriter and former member of the world-famous boy band One Direction—is a perfect role model. He entrusts his skin to high-quality skincare products for men from QMS Medicosmetics. In interviews, he regularly opens up about his favorite skincare products, explaining that he never goes anywhere without hydrating Day Collagen Serum, Night Collagen Serum and ACE Vitamin Cream for day and night. Do you want to feel like a VIP in the bathroom? If so, read on as we introduce Liam Payne’s favorite products here.

The perfect hydrating face cream for men: ACE Vitamin

A clever moisturizer for men: ACE Vitamin day and night cream is an intelligent moisturizing cream with a “built-in” clock that provides intensive, 24-hour nourishment for your skin. The active ingredients are released in dynamic carrying cycles. During the day, the high-quality vitamin complex protects your skin against harmful environmental influences and free radicals. At night, this celebrity favorite regenerates the skin and soothes the complexion. As a result, the skin appears visibly smoother and more even and is effectively hydrated at the same time. For beautiful skin worthy of any star, apply this face cream for men in the morning and evening after cleansing. Gently massage in using circular motions.

Liam Payne recommends Day Collagen Serum as high-quality skincare for men

For smooth, radiant skin with an award-winning glow, you need adequate collagen. The body’s natural collagen synthesis process slows down as we age, however. When that happens, you must supply the skin with new collagen from the outside while also stimulating collagen synthesis from the inside. Our luxurious Day Collagen Serum works with the collagen and hyaluronic acid complex Neotec A15® and Matrixyl 3000® to hydrate the skin and restore its natural elasticity. This prevents the appearance of initial signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. The skin looks smooth and feels soft again. At the same time, this skincare serum for men effectively protects against free radicals. For best results, use our Day Collagen Serum in combination with Night Collagen Serum.

Always look your best, on stage or off, with the effective collagen serum Night Collagen

Before going to bed, indulge your skin in our Night Collagen Serum. This powerful collagen serum was specially developed to minimize signs of aging by stimulating regeneration of the skin overnight, improving its tone and restoring its elasticity. This is made possible by the revolutionary collagen and hyaluronic acid complex Neotec A15® and the peptide Matrixyl 3000®. The active ingredients penetrate deep into all layers of the skin, stimulating the cellular metabolism while also lastingly and effectively hydrating the skin. As a result, your skin appears significantly healthier, younger and smoother. Tip: Always use Night Collagen Serum after cleansing your face and before applying a moisturizing cream. Simply apply a few drops to the face and the eye area.


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