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Discover the effective eye creams, eye & lip serums and collagen eye sheet masks from QMS. Enjoy high-performing actives in luxurious formulations.

Eye cream and lip care – for the sensitive parts of the face

The skin around the eyes is significantly thinner and more sensitive than other areas. This is where the first wrinkles and fine lines appear, as there are very few sebaceous glands that keep the skin moist. Collagen fibers, which contribute to the elasticity of the skin, are also in short supply here. Fatigue, stress and too little sleep can give rise to dark circles and shadows under the eyes, while puffiness is also a common symptom. It is therefore all the more important that you offer your eyes some welcome intensive care and provide them with the active agents they need to restore their natural radiance. You should use an eye-care product that is adapted to your skin type. An eye cream can prevent wrinkles, crow’s feet and the signs of skin aging while reducing dark circles and shadows under the eyes. An eye mask offers the skin intensive regenerative care, creating an instant effect. Tip: store your eye mask in the fridge as the cold helps reduce puffiness. Furthermore, you should not neglect good lip care. Make regular use of a premium lip moisturizer that reduces lines around the upper lip.


Our range of high-quality eye and lip care products includes:

  • High-quality eye creams
  • Protective eye serum to reduce puffiness
  • Regenerative collagen eye masks
  • High-performance lip serum for the area around the top lip

Eye cream and lip care as part of the daily beauty routine 

High-quality eye and lip care should be an integral part of your daily beauty routine, as the particularly sensitive eye and lip areas require special attention. Use an eye cream immediately after washing your face. Take a small amount of cream on your ring finger and gently pat it in, omitting your eyelids during the day. Also after washing, massage your lip serum into the upper lip area. Use your lip and eye care products for visible results twice a day, mornings and evenings. QMS provides you with exclusive products for the sensitive parts of the face, reducing eye wrinkles and dark circles.


High-quality eye creams

Specially designed for the sensitive area around the eyes, our highly-effective Intensive Eye Care Cream is ideal for reducing crow’s feet, puffiness and dark circles. A high-performance combination of active agents, containing extracts of silk acacia and sigesbeckia orientali, increases the elasticity of the skin while the matrikine complex boosts the regeneration processes. Hyaluronic acid in the eye cream provides intense hydration for this area to combat wrinkles. Our Advanced Cellular Alpine eye cream uses the regenerative capacities of alpine rose to stimulate the stem cell vitality of the skin. The result: a smoother and more radiant eye area.


Protective eye serum to reduce puffiness 

Puffy eyes are unpleasant and make you look tired. With the luxurious Epigen Depuff Pollution Shield Eye Serum, you reduce puffiness. Enriched with epigenetic peptide, the eye serum helps protect the skin, while hyaluronic acid offers a moisturizing boost.


Regenerative collagen eye mask

Use our Advanced Collagen Eye Lift eye mask, combining native collagen fibers, peptide and molecules with hyaluronic acid to supply the skin around the eyes with collagen. Leave the collagen mask to work for about 20 minutes before removing it and gently patting in the remaining product.


High-performance lip serum for the upper lip area

The area around the upper lip is often prone to wrinkles and lines, and therefore requires special attention. Our Lip Line Corrector Serum calls on a three-phase booster effect with active agents such as hyaluronic acid, wakame seaweed extract and phytosterols. This effectively plumps the skin from inside, giving it a visibly smoother appearance. Use our lip serum together with our collagen serums.

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