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QMS Medicosmetics is a brand developed by physicians for the professional field, not for conventional skincare. This makes the difference as we aim to address the causes of skin aging, not just the symptoms. This is why we focus on the most valuable anti-aging ingredients, being skin-identical collagen and hyaluronic acid. Both active ingredients are also produced by the human body, but with increasing age they are no longer produced sufficiently to stimulate skin renewal. These natural active substances are particularly well accepted by the skin and help it to regain its independence according to the principle of "help for self-help“.

Pioneering Skincare
The clinically tested QMS formulations deliver these powerful active ingredients into the skin, where they moisturise and activate the skin's metabolism. In this way, the accompanying care substances of our cosmetics are optimally absorbed, the skin's protective barrier is stabilised and the skin's surface is smoothed. As collagen pioneers, we have been perfecting this principle since 1994, so that users benefit from our exceptional clinical and practical experience at first hand. To ensure the best possible effect, we also do not leave the application of our products to chance.
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After all, the skin changes quickly with QMS and can maintain its performance most effectively with continuously adapted care routines. It is literally a doctor's thesis – but it is not a chore: we make sure that your daily skincare routine is an enjoyable, relaxing wellness experience that visibly optimises your appearance and can be done at any time. This is exactly how skincare should be for high achievers who like to stay independent and expect the same from their skin.

Our skincare is mainly available through us directly or through the best spas and beauty institutes in the world. This is the only way we can provide professional support to users, regularly check the condition of their skin during in-depth consultations, and ensure that they are using the right products at the right time.


- Collagen specialist with clinical roots, delivering results since 1994

- Tackles the causes of skincare issues, not only the symptoms

- Uses the most effective anti-aging ingredients with
optimally dosed, skin-identical collagen and hyaluronic acid

- Stands for highly effective, enjoyable and resource-saving skincare routines

- Offers ongoing support from many of the world's top beauty experts

- End-to-end developement and production in Germany

The QMS treatment concept

Ideally, every user should be guided by a QMS expert through the following four treatment phases, before focusing solely on maintaining the skin's ideal condition:

1. Repair: comprehensive soothing of the skin

2. Rebalance: elimination of irritations

3. Build up: optimisation of the skin's moisture and lipid content

4. Completion: targeted treatment of fine lines and pigmentation spots

Collagen Heros

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