Healthy Beauty is Here to Stay

Skin is affected by every aspect of your life, from what you eat to where you live can impact its appearance in multiple ways. This knowledge has led to the Wellbeing Revolution that offers a more integrative approach becoming one of fastest growing trends in skincare. We are seeing how the focus is now more about being youthful in every sense of the word; it is going beyond looking good to our overall wellness of body and mind. Beauty is not about short-term thinking but planning for the future and skincare fulfills an important role in this.

The skin's primary purpose is protection as it provides a physical barrier against radiation, toxic chemicals and free radical damage so it's health affects our wellbeing. Today skin has to deal with many issues and one particular area that is noticeably growing is urban pollution and the affect it has on skin. Negative environmental factors and oxidative stress create intracellular damage, which impacts how the skin cells grow and repair themselves, this leads to premature aging, the acceleration of wrinkles and age spots as well as the worsening of skin conditions such as eczema. Nurturing your skin from the inside can help it strengthen the all-important protective barrier; this can be achieved through diet and good water intake as well as my personal favorite and that is the incorporation of nutricosmetic supplements into the daily skin care regime. Each capsule of our Intravital Plus delivers an invaluable boost to the skin cell renewal process; their unique and highly effective formulation stimulates the rebuilding of collagen, aids skin cell growth as well as improves the overall quality and wellbeing of the skin.

As the wellness trend grows we will an increased influence in all aspects of skin care; from the composition of ingredients and treatment techniques being used (i.e. more facial massage to keep muscles toned) to focusing on whole system beauty and a total body approach. We know we have to age but we don't have to look our age.