Your Winter Skincare Kit

Needless to say the QMS mantra is to Cleanse & Tone before you even begin to focus on skincare activities. Use our Deep Gentle Cleansing & Hydrating Boost Tonic Mist day & night to give you a good base.

Now we can begin. All you need is our Collagen System (consists of Day & Night Collagen and Active Exfoliant 11%) & Active Glow SPF 15 Tinted Moisturiser

We advise that you use all 3 products from the Classic Set regularly for best results. If you have sensitive or problematic skin use the Collagen System Sensitive instead.

Start your day off with Day Collagen, an anti-aging serum which helps protect the skin from free radicals, whilst the Aloe Vera keeps is soothed & nourished.

Followed by our Active Glow SPF 15 lightly tinted moisturizer. Suitable for all skin tones, gives a naturally fresh look and leaves the skin glowing.

As night-time comes and your bed calls, you only have 2 more steps to go. Use Active Exfoliant 11% to remove superficial dead skin cells and stimulate new skin cell production.

This leaves the skin prepared for the reception of the Night Collagen; which supports the skin's natural nocturnal rejuvenation process.