Sun, Sea and Your Skin

1. A good cleanser is essential to remove salt and sweat. Avoid any that contain mineral oils. They leave a film on skin, which can clog pores. For this I suggest using Deep Gentle Cleanser.

2. Protect skin from the inside out. I recommend Collagen Intravital Plus. It contains hydrolysed collagen that bypasses stomach acids and is absorbed through the small intestine straight into the bloodstream.

3. Never wear heavy perfume or aftershave out at sea. When combined with UV rays, alcohol in perfume accelerates free radical damage, causing brown spots and wrinkles. Better to spritz perfume on your hair instead.

4. Hand cream can often be overlooked, as many are too greasy. I developed Replenishing Protection Hand Cream when I was a surgeon and had to wash my hands many times a day. It absorbs in about 30 seconds, leaving no greasy residue.

5. Always use sun protection that blocks UVA and UVB rays. Even on cloudy days 80% of UV rays can pass through and, with water reflection, exposure is increased by 50%. Cellular Sun Shield SPF 50 is highly effective at sea and features a DNA-repair complex.

6. Protect your lips. Zinc oxide is a key ingredient in any lip balm.