There is no single ‘best’ ingredient for the skin but a wealth of different ones, and what makes them work is the formulation as a whole.

Skincare and collagens go as a pair. Anti-aging, fine lines


This valuable protein is vital in maintaining a youthful appearance; as we age its production slows down and this leads to skin aging so addressing the loss of collagen helps to reverse this.

Plant Stem Cells

Harnessing the regenerative power of plant stem cells has enhanced the effectiveness of skincare particularly in delaying biological aging and extending the life span of the skin's stem cells.

Plant stem cells really help get products into the skin. Ingredients are key
silks & pearl proteins are great for anti-ageing and for keeping skin moisturized

Silk Proteins & Pearl Proteins

The advantages of these precious ingredients are multiple; silk proteins soothe and hydrate while the pearl protein extract is similar to the Natural Moisturizing Factor in the skin.


Technology has driven some of the greatest advances in how we can treat and care for the skin. Its continuing evolution has improved penetration techniques, introduced new ingredients and categories of skincare.

  • Iontophoresis
  • Synergistic Complexes (i.e. Neotec A15®)
  • Peptides (i.e. Matryxl 3000®)
  • Nutricosmetics

science helps any skin product transport to the skin quicker. skincare #technology
Hyaluronic Acid features in a lot of products, QMS skincare has highest concentrate

Hyaluronic Acid

This clever ingredient with its exceptional ability to retain moisture is very important as over the years our skin loses moisture, which results in a loss of elasticity and signs of aging.

Natural Extracts

The distinctive properties of plants can be used to create a specific skincare, i.e. the lifting and firming Kigelia Africana is ideal for the neck and Japanese Bloodgrass is excellent for timed hydration.

natural ingredients also feature in QMS products
vitamins are present in some products, Vitamins A,BC & D and more


Healthy, youthful skin needs vitamins not just as antioxidants but also in delivering a variety of benefits in its health and appearance, from skincare to nutricosmetics these are key ingredients.

Paracress & Garden Cress

These dynamic plant ingredients have impressive skin enhancing properties; Paracress helps to improve tone and appearance whereas Garden Cress is used to combat pigmentation.

paracress and garden cress and present in some products helps anti-ageing and skin moisture
Fruit acids, help in peeling and exfoliating the skin

Fruit Acids

From improving cell regeneration and skin metabolism to enhancing circulation, fruit acids deliver highly effective exfoliation and provide the key to a smoother, more refined complexion.


Oxidation is a process that damages skin cells, so including antioxidants in your skincare helps to combat the aging effects of environmental stress and defend against the sun.

Antioxidants, skincare, healthy on inside
Witch Hazel is present in a lot of products, and helps keep skin rehydrated and rejuvenated


Inflammation damage can have a long-term effect on the skin; the inclusion of active anti-inflammatory ingredients helps to calm and soothe as well as reduce the impact on the skin.

Delivery Systems

For a skincare product to deliver the results you want, its ingredients need to be carried deeper and more effectively into the skin. Without enhanced absorption even the highest quality ingredient will sit on the surface layers.

  • Time-release techniques help the product work longer
  • Low weight Hyaluronic Acid is an excellent deeper penetrating carrier
  • Avoid harsh techniques to protect the skin's barrier function

How products are delivered into the skin. nanotechnology and other delivery concepts to transport products effectively