Healthy, young-looking skin takes a little work but it is not complicated to achieve if you use the right products.

1 A cleansing and conditioning duo designed for all skin types.

Step 1: Cleansers

The most important first step to a healthy, beautiful complexion is to regularly cleanse the skin. With our cleansing duo you get the perfect purifying combination with added nurturing benefits.

  • Deep Cleansing to remove all impurities even eye make-up
  • Freshening Tonic to restore the skin's pH balance
  • For best results cleanse and tone every morning & night
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Step 2: Collagens & More

Collagen is key to youthful looking skin and as we age the production of this valuable protein decreases, which leads to the appearance of fine lines, loss of moisture and elasticity.

  • Re-introducing collagen improves tone, texture and health of the skin
  • To enhance effectiveness of collagens prepare skin by exfoliation
  • For optimum rejuvenation use our pioneering Collagen & Exfoliant Sets
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2 Collagens

Step 3: Moisturizers

Whatever your age, hydration is vital for the skin and a good moisturizer should address the loss of moisture as well as maintain and improve hydration at a cellular level.

  • Work with your skin's behavioral pattern
  • Protect in the day and stimulate the regeneration at night
  • For the latest in advanced hydration choose ones with plant stem cells
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Step 4: Eye & Lip Care

The eyes and the lips are prone to fine lines, the skin in these areas is not like the rest of the face and needs specialist care so always use a product specially designed for these zones.

  • Only use creams formulated for the thinner skin around the eyes
  • Look for multifunctional ones to target lines, dark circles and sagging
  • For the lip zone focus on hydrating and smoothing the skin
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4 Targeted treatments to restore the delicate eye and upper lip area.
5 Hand & body skincare, always moisturize and exfoliate, and keep your body in good health.

Step 5: Hand & Body

It is not just the face that can benefit from a good regime; the rest of your body needs attention with skincare styled to condition and offer anti-aging benefits.

  • Hands need nurturing so moisturize them on a daily basis
  • The neck and décolleté show your age so take care early
  • Exfoliate & hydrate are the key to great body conditioning
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In Addition: Sun & Supplements

Two often forgotten areas but both are important to consider if you want great skin. Sun is the single biggest cause of skin damage, even on a cloudy day you are exposed to ultraviolet radiation so remember:

  • A broad-spectrum sunscreen to block out UVA and UVB rays is essential plus look for hypoallergenic and ones that do not block pores
  • Prepare your skin before sun with a good exfoliator and always use SPF15 and above

For a beauty and vitality boost from within look to the latest generation in nutricosmetics, like vitamins for the skin these supplements help to recondition, regenerate and protect the skin's structure from within.

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