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Men's skin is not immune to the many issues that affect women's, so adopting a basic skin care routine early will deliver long-term benefits. Healthy skin looks younger longer, it is also much easier to shave as skin is less irritated and inflamed plus it helps combat damage from lifestyle and environmental stresses.


  • Shaving can irritate skin so the best way to fix this is prepare it to make it smoother and less prone to clog pores
  • Follow basic regimen of deep cleansing, hydrating and exfoliating
  • For sensitive skin use a soothing treatment cream post-shave
  • Don't forget the eye area as one of the first places to show damage


Cleanse - Deep Cleansing & Freshening Tonic

Moisturize - 24H Cream & Liquide Proteins

Sensitivity - Repair 3 Complex

Eyes - Cellular Alpine