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Sensitivity occurs when the skin's protective barrier is compromised and its natural defences are weakened, this makes it much more susceptible to external irritants. To prevent long-term damage the aim is to control and minimize the typical causes and stimuli, which can vary from allergens, hormonal imbalances, dehydration, skin aging to temperature fluctuations.


  • Strengthen and restore the skin's moisture with sensitively formulated collagen facial care system
  • Take daily nutritional supplements to promote skin regeneration and improve its overall wellbeing
  • Neutralize cell damage and calm redness with targeted treatment
  • With aging and less efficient functioning skin, nourish and stimulate cell renewal
  • With aging skin the protective skin barrier becomes weaker so it needs to be nurtured and built up


Rejuvenate - MED Collagen Set

Treat - Repair 3 Complex

Nutricosmetics - Intravital Plus

Protect - Sport Active Cream