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Exfoliation is key when addressing visible pores as dead cell build up causes the pores to be more noticeable. As skin ages we see the skin's tonicity diminishing as we see a weakening of the collagen and elastin fibers, the slower turnover rate of cells means dead skin cells stay longer and cause bigger pores.


  • Remove surface dry cells by regularly exfoliating (fruit acids are ideal)
  • Post exfoliation use a good hydrating moisturizer so skin stays plumped up
  • Keep pores unclogged with a gentle deep cleansing (avoid mineral oils) and purifying routine
  • Include anti-oxidants rich products to help repair the skin


Exfoliate - Exfoliant Fluid & Dermabrasive Gel
Extra Boost - Day Collagen & Night Collagen
Hydrate - Moisturizing Balance & 24H Cream