If your skin is showing the signs of a busy lifestyle now is the time to take some serious action.

Age Control

Skin changes more in these years, it is more vulnerable to the negative impact of environmental and lifestyle stresses. The lines around the eyes and mouth deepen and the rate the skin renews itself slows down, plus the production of collagen decreases which results in a loss of elasticity and texture.

Core Regime

  • Stimulate collagen by introducing a treatment serum under your moisturiser
  • Use a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF sun protection daily
  • Focus on the eyes and mouth with specialised products
  • Add a multifunctional hydrating face mask to your routine
  • For an extra boost nutricosmetics provide beauty and vitality from within

Skin Basics

Addressing the loss of collagen helps to reverse the signs of aging; our Collagen Sets are exclusively formulated to deliver highly effective rejuvenation results and an ideal addition to your regime.

If dark spots are appearing target them with specially designed products, a combination of SkinTone Light Serum and Cellular Sun Protection will help restore and maintain an even complexion.