To give your skin the care it deserves, up your routine to one that focuses on hydrating, nourishing and lifting

Age Control

This is an age when we really notice the changes in the skin, particularly in how it feels much drier, lines are more prominent and what was once firm is beginning to sag. This is a combination of natural aging, moisture depletion, and hormonal changes as well as seeing any built-up damage.

Core Regime

  • Focus on hydration, plant stem cell products are particularly regenerative
  • Look for restorative peptides such as Matrixyl 3000® in formulations
  • Brighten the eyes so often affected by loss of volume
  • Treat neck, décolleté and arms regularly to address sagging skin
  • Look after your hands, like your face they need to be looked after

Skin Basics

Renew and restore are key with your skincare, so choosing products to enhance regeneration will help. For intense rejuvenation look to plant stem cells, our Cellular Marine and Cellular Alpine are both highly effective in delaying biological aging.

For the neck and décolleté the specially designed Neck & More features ingredients known for their ability to lift and tighten the skin. You might also see that your skin has become increasingly sensitive so treat it gently.