The time after Christmas is perfect to treat your skin to a little detox. The old year is over and we’re recovering from the Christmas stress. Why not use this time to do something good for your skin. Is detox necessary for our skin at all? Of course! Because our skin is exposed to many aggressors, such as pollution and free radicals, which attack the skin barrier.

What are the steps of a skin detox treatment?

  • Exfoliation first: with our Active Exfoliant 11% Resurfacing Fluid to ensure an activation of the blood circulation, hence, a good detoxification of the tissues through the circulation system and lymphatic activation.
  • Try to help reduce the lack of vit D we have in winter with our Epigen Defense Mist, that helps to activate the production of Vit D receptors, that we catch with the Sun rays, for a more radiant and glowing look.
  • Rest the eyes puffiness with the cooling effect of our ceramic tool in the Epigen Pollution Shield Eye Serum, as well as coffein extract to activate microcirculation stuck around the eyes, that create puffiness and dark pigmentation.
  • Use our Collagen Intravital to boost the metabolism and help with an anti-inflammatory effect, as we know some excess of certain foods (sugar or alcohol) can create an inflammation of our organism.

We wish you a relaxed and fresh start into the new year!