Nourish, Exfoliate & Protect - Tips & tricks for glowing winter skin

Nourish, Exfoliate & Protect - Tips & tricks for glowing winter skin

It is important to adjust your skin routine during the winter months. While the skin is often prone to impurities in summer, it needs an extra portion of moisture and soothing care in winter. To ensure that your skin is well prepared for the winter months, we would like to show you a few tips & tricks that will help you protect your skin from the cold while at the same time pamper it in just a few steps:


  • Cleansing is an important part of every skincare routine. Apply 2 pumps of our Deep Gentle Cleanser, gently working in the emulsion using circular hand movements or our sponge.
  • Don’t forget to keep up your Exfoliation. Dry skin that may form on the surface needs to be gently washed away to allow the nourishment from other products to absorb through.
  • Keep up with our hydrating serums (Day Collagen Serum/ Night Collagen Serum). Just because we are out of the hot weather doesn’t mean we can skip hydration. In fact, just like a lot of house plants, we need more hydration in the winter to combat the stress of heating.
  • Keep up a boost of nourishment. A morning mask with the Power Firm Mask - giving the skin an immediate plumping boost (don’t forget to take over your lips). This mask is barrier-repairing, calming and at the same time gives a great lift to a dull, city complexion.
  • Including the Hands with the Power Firm Mask to sleep-in. It will keep any cracked knuckles soothed and calmed!
  • Before you sleep, apply AHA Body Foam to your body - a good couple of pumps per limb. Wash away in the 

    morning for smooth subtle skin.

  • As you get out of a hot shower, spritz the whole body with the Hydrating Boost to help lock in moisture. So not only the face but also your 

    boday can benefit from this mist!

  • Apply the Firming Collagen Body Lotion after the shower in the morning to help soothe, calm, plump, nourish and protect the skin from shoulders to toes.
  • Layer in Advanced Collagen Serum-In-Oil. Add it into your routine for a deep quench of Marual oil. With Backuchi oil as ingredient,this advanced serum gives a gentle, effective stimulation to keep the skin bright and glowy.
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