Beauty Face Masks

Discover luxurious face masks from QMS. High-performing actives in premium formulations for tightened, even-toned skin and a glowing complexion.

Face masks indulge your skin in extra nourishing care

In addition to skincare for daily use such as facial creams or serums, there are also products designed as special beauty boosters for your skin. Face packs treat your skin with rich, concentrated active ingredients specially tailored to your skin’s unique needs. When used once or twice a week, masks can help you keep your skin looking dewy fresh, reduce fine lines and small wrinkles or soothe your complexion. Oily skin is visibly matted and dry skin intensively hydrated with the right moisturizing mask. If you have blemished skin prone to irregularities and blackheads, the right beauty mask will gently clarify it. You can choose between various types of mask packs for the face. Besides classic face care packs with a liquid or creamy consistency, you can experiment with varieties such as light foam masks that are especially pleasant to the skin.

Our series of high-quality facial masks includes:

  • Moisturizing foam mask
  • Revitalizing mask to reduce harmful environmental influences
  • Firming mask to reduce mimic lines and fine wrinkles

 Nourishing facial masks for a radiant complexion

If your skin is irritated and red, suffers from dry patches or is prone to blackheads, a high-quality face mask can help restore its natural balance. Use a beauty mask to targetedly treat any current skin problems you may experience or as part of your weekly beauty care routine. Apply it to your skin immediately after cleansing, let it absorb approximately 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse off. Gently massage any residue into the skin with your fingertips. Our extensive QMS range encompasses premium facial masks for luxurious skincare.


Moisturizing foam mask

If you have dry skin that is itchy for flaky, or simply want to give your face a boost of freshness, our Hydro Foam Mask is the perfect choice. This high-quality foam mask intensively moisturizes your facial skin thanks to select active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and vitamin e. At the same time, this face pack for dry skin also protects your skin against environmental damages and reduces lines. Tip: Enriched with panthenol and allantoin, this facial mask pack soothes your skin whenever needed – such as after a sunburn.


Revitalizing mask to reduce harmful environmental influences

Dull skin makes you look tired. To restore your skin’s beautiful natural glow, try our Epigen Pollution Rescue Overnight Mask. This revitalizing foam mask was developed to instantly leave your skin looking and feeling refreshed. An advanced formula significantly improves the skin’s resilience, thereby protecting it from harmful environmental influences. At the same time, this face pack for glowing skin also moisturizes and visibly smooths dry facial skin. Apply the moisturizing mask in the evening so that the active ingredients can take effect overnight.


Firming mask to reduce mimic lines and fine wrinkles

Extremely dry skin doesn’t just feel taut, it also tends to form lines on the forehead, around the mouth and at the corners of the eyes.  That means it is important to supply your face with adequate moisture. Our intensively hydrating Power Firm Mask is based on a high-grade active ingredient complex made from select plant oils and hyaluronic acid. It makes the skin more resilient and soothes irritations. Your complexion looks relaxed and feels refreshed. Tip: You can also apply the mask to stressed hands to treat them with an intensive dose of deep moisture.

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