Dry Skin Routine

Maximum moisture-boosting facial care for dry skin

Dry skin often feels tight, looks dull and is flaky or scaly. Dry patches on the face and fine lines, especially around the eyes, appear with time.

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The optimum facial care for dry skin

But why does skin become dry? There are many possible reasons. A genetic predisposition is the most common cause, leading the skin to store too little water or produce too much sebum. Regardless of specific skin type, skin generally becomes drier with age. The good news is you can combat dry facial skin with the right facial care routine. It should consist of a hyaluronic serum, a collagen serum and a high-quality moisturizing cream.

Our premium facial care for dry skin:

• Thorough facial cleansing for dry skin
• Gentle facial toner for after-cleansing
• Gently exfoliating facial lotion
• Ultra-effective collagen serum with hyaluronic acid for day and night
• Intensive eye care for dry skin
• Moisturizing facial care for extremely dry skin

Dry skin lacks hydration and the ability to sufficiently bind moisture. Our ultra-efficient facial care for dehydrated skin delivers an intensive dose of moisture thanks to optimum formulation with bovine collagen and 3D hyaluronic acid, which also helps to bind moisture for a long-lasting effect. Discover the premium skincare range from QMS against ashy skin, including products such as a collagen serum with hyaluronic acid, a hyaluronic acid eye cream and a rich moisturizing cream to assist you in caring for your skin.

Step 1: Thorough facial cleanser for dry skin An optimum beauty routine begins with thorough cleansing. Dry skin is often lacking in lipids, causing unpleasant feelings of tautness after cleansing. This means it is important to use a cleansing product that is both rich and gentle. Our Deep Gentle Cleanser is a face wash that also frees the skin from oil-soluble residues, such as make-up, without drying or causing unpleasant tightness.

Step 2: Gentle facial toner for after-cleansing Our Hydrating Boost Tonic Mist clarifies your skin and accelerates cellular regeneration. It also has a hydrating effect that will leave your skin feeling pleasantly refreshed. The pH value is balanced, enabling the skin to form a protective mantel against external influences.

Step 3: Gently exfoliating facial lotion A gentle chemical peeling is perfect for freeing facial skin from flaky, dead skin cells. Our Gentle Exfoliant Lotion contains an efficient fruit acid complex that dissolves cornified areas of hardened, dead skin cells without irritating the healthy skin beneath. Select active ingredients hydrate your dry skin.

Step 4: Ultra-effective collagen serum with hyaluronic acid for day and night For intensive hydration of flaky skin, you need a collagen serum with hyaluronic acid. Our Day Collagen moisturizing cream is enriched with high-grade hyaluronic acid that helps the skin stay hydrated. Collagen improves elasticity and supplies additional moisture. Overnight, our Night Collagen provides dry skin with optimum care.

Step 5: Intensive eye care for dry skin Dry skin around the eyes is most evident in the form of fine lines and dry eyelids. Rich in hyaluronic acid, our Intensive Eye Care Cream supplies scaly skin with moisture and visibly firms it.

Step 6: Moisturizing facial care for extremely dry skin The final step in your routine is a facial cream: Our Antioxidant Cream is specially formulated to deliver continuous moisture to extremely dry skin. At the same time, this moisturizer for dry skin facilitates the skin’s natural regeneration abilities, provides effective protection against external influences and leaves the complexion looking dewy fresh and revitalized – the perfect cream for your skin’s needs.

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