QMS Medicosmetics is a brand developed from a medical perspective for the professional sector, rather than originating from cosmetics. This makes the difference: We aim to address the causes of skin aging, not just the symptoms. That's why we rely on the most valuable anti-aging ingredients: skin-identical collagen and hyaluronic acid. Both substances are naturally produced by the human body, but as we age, their production decreases, leading to reduced stimulation of skin renewal. Therefore, they are readily accepted by the skin and help it regain its independence through the principle of 'helping the skin help itself'.


The clinically tested formulations of QMS deliver active ingredients in a controlled manner to the skin, where they provide moisture and activate skin metabolism. This ensures that the accompanying care substances in our cosmetics are optimally absorbed, stabilizing the skin's protective barrier and smoothing the skin's surface.

Our skincare products are mainly available through us directly or the best spas and cosmetic institutes in the world. This allows us to professionally guide users, regularly assess their skin condition through in-depth consultations, and provide them with the assurance that they are using the right products at the right time. With QMS, the skin changes quickly, and by continuously adjusting skincare routines, it can most effectively maintain its performance.

  • QMS ingredients treat the cause, not just the symptoms of your skin condition.

  • Utilizes the most effective anti-aging ingredients with optimally dosed, skin-identical collagen and hyaluronic acid.

  • Provides continuous support through many of the world's top beauty experts.

  • Developed and produced in Germany.

  • Successful collagen specialist with clinical roots since 1994.

  • Stands for highly effective, resource-efficient skincare routines.

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