Hand and Bodycare

Discover luxurious body care from QMS: Tightening anti-aging cream, collagen body lotion and gently exfoliating body foam.

Bodycare for all-round beautiful skin

You pay great attention to your face and pamper it every day with an abundant skincare routine. Rashes, blemishes and fine lines are nevertheless not limited to your face. Your body skin can also show signs of aging, irritation or dryness – either due to UV rays or environmental pollutants or simply because you have a genetic predisposition for a certain skin type. It is therefore important that you can rely on selected bodycare products that bring your skin back into balance and restore its smooth texture. Take advantage of an effective exfoliating body foam and a luxurious body lotion. Complete your daily routine with a neck and bust cream formulated to nourish the sensitive skin in this area. And remember not to neglect your hands, which will feel pleasantly soft thanks to a moisturizing hand cream.

Our range of high-quality bodycare products includes:

  • A nourishing body lotion with collagen to firm your skin
  • A rich anti-aging cream for the neck and bust area
  • A moisturizing hand cream
  • A gentle exfoliating body foam


    Exclusive body care products adapted to your skin type

    To ensure that you enjoy an all-round feeling of well-being in your body, you should emphasize thorough bodycare adapted to your individual skin type. If you have dry body skin prone to scaly patches, you need an effective moisturizer. If your skin has lost its elasticity and is subject to wrinkles, a care product containing valuable collagen is ideal. Discover the premium products in our QMS bodycare range that will leave your skin looking visibly more attractive.


    Nourishing body lotion with collagen to firm your skin

    The elasticity of the connective tissues diminishes over time. Your skin begins to sag and is subject to wrinkles. Our Firming Collagen Body Lotion has been developed to tauten the skin on your bust and entire body thanks to the innovative QMS Neotec A15® complex. At the same time, this body lotion offers your skin intensive moisturizing care through active agents such as shea butter and marula oil. Apply to your body after a bath or shower.


    Rich anti-aging cream for the neck and bust area

    As with your face, the sensitive skin in the neck and bust area is subject to wrinkles. You should therefore pamper these parts with a special care product such as our Firm Density Neck & Bust Cream. This is enriched with extracts from the West-African kigelia fruit, which boasts skin-firming properties and ensures your skin remains taut. Aloe vera provides a moisturizing boost.


    Moisturizing hand cream 

    Frequent handwashing or handling detergents can cause your hands to become dry. It is therefore important to apply cream on a regular basis. Our Replenishing Protection Hand Cream provides an intensive moisturizing boost, leaving hands silky soft. An anti-aging care product, this hand cream also helps your skin store nutrients that counteract the signs of skin-aging and maintain the skin’s elasticity.


    Gentle exfoliating cream

    Your body skin constantly regenerates itself. You can remove dead skin cells with effective body exfoliators that you can use once or twice a week just before taking a shower. Our Active Exfoliant 5% Body Foam is a gentle exfoliating foam calling on the power of natural enzymes drawn from papaya and bacillus ferment, which make your skin smooth. At the same time, your pores are freed of excess sebum, thereby preventing skin blemishes. Thanks to the invigorating effect of this body foam exfoliator, your skin will also feel pleasantly refreshed.

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