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Discover premium face cleansers from QMS: Our gentle cleansing emulsion, ultra-mild cleansing gel and hydrating toner mist for healthy, supple skin.

Perfect facial cleansing with cleansing milk, toner and more 

The first step in your daily beauty routine should be a good face cleanser. Carefully selected products thoroughly remove make-up residue and impurities while freeing your pores of excess sebum at the same time. Your complexion once again feels noticeably clean and pleasantly fresh. Choosing a cleanser optimally suited to your skin type is important here. A gentle cleansing milk, for example, is ideal for dry skin. Even if you have sensitive skin, you should use a light cleansing milk. A lipid-replenishing cleansing product that effectively removes excess oil from your face is a good cleanser for oily skin. Blemished skin should be washed with an antibacterial cleansing gel that also leaves it feeling delightfully fresh. An oil-free moisturizing cleansing lotion is the perfect choice for combination skin. Finish off your facial cleansing routine with a suitable skin toner. In the evening, you can also use your cleansing milk to remove all traces of eye make-up.

Our high-quality range of facial cleansing products includes:

    • Cleansing emulsion
    • Cleansing gel
    • Toner
    • Cleansing sponge


    Cleanser and toner – the perfect team for facial cleansing

    Never skip a thorough facial cleansing. It forms the basis for the subsequent skincare steps and frees your skin of ultra-fine pollution particles, impurities and excess sebum. Depending on which face cleanser you select, you will also benefit from its moisturizing or mattifying properties. After the face wash, use a high-quality toner for your face. It will help free your complexion of any remaining residue and balance your skin’s pH, thereby strengthening its natural microbiome. A hydrating toner also enables your skin to better absorb any skincare products later applied. The premium QMS skincare range offers you select products that will immediately leave your skin clean and fresh.


    Cleansing emulsion for gentle facial cleansing 

    Our Deep Gentle Cleanser is a gentle and nourishing cleansing emulsion that intensively cleanses your skin of impurities and frees your pores from excess sebum. Because it is especially gentle, it is also suitable for sensitive skin. Its deep cleansing action will leave your skin feeling noticeably silky and smooth. You can also use this light cleansing milk as an eye make-up remover.


    Cleansing gel for a radiant complexion

    Environmental pollutants can clog the skin. This makes it even more important to use a thorough but gentle facial cleanser – such as our Epigen Pollution Detox Cleansing Gel – to effectively remove such ultra-fine pollution particles and clean up your pores. Formulated with mandelic acid, lactobionic acid and amino acid for cleansing deep into the pores, this gel uses the same power as micellar water to gently remove residue. Tip for effective double cleansing: Use Epigen Pollution Detox Cleansing Gel in combination with our Deep Gentle Cleanser.


    Toner for mild facial cleansing

     Washing your face thoroughly is important but can cause the skin’s natural pH value to become imbalanced. In order to regenerate the protective mantle, you should use a toner on your facial skin. Our Hydrating Boost Tonic Mist strengthens the skin’s natural protective acid mantle and leaves it feeling refreshed and renewed. At the same time, the toner also frees your complexion of any remaining impurities.


     Cleansing sponge for gently removing cleansing gel and emulsion

    Ideally, you should gently massage your cleansing product into the skin with the tips of your fingers. Then rinse off the skin cleanser with lots of water. Remove any remaining residue with a cleansing brush or our practical QMS sponge that also exfoliates, detoxifies and stimulates the skin. It is made with special synthetic materials that prevent bacteria from adhering to the sponge. 

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