Dull Complexion skin routine

Now you can restore your skin to its natural radiance

When the skin is pale and colorless, shows signs of tiredness and has lost its fresh, rosy glow, we say the skin is “dull.” Every skin type can be affected by this condition.

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The route to combat dull skin

The perfect glossy skincare

The causes? Stress, too little sleep, vitamin deficiencies, nicotine, harmful environmental influences, a decelerated metabolism and lack of moisture. Dull skin has difficulty regenerating itself and shedding dead skin cells – creating a gray shroud. The wrong skincare can also influence the appearance of the skin. If skincare is optimally tailored to the skin’s acute needs, however, it can create new vitality by stimulating the metabolism, gently exfoliating the top layer of skin and supplying moisture: everything you need for a natural skin glow. It is important to maintain a regular beauty routine with a high-quality peeling, hydrating creams, ultra-effective serums for deep skincare and a rich facial mask for intensive nourishment. When cared for consistently and correctly, your tired skin will regain its radiant glow after just a few applications.

The luxurious skincare program from QMS for clear, glowing skin:

• Anti-pollution detox cleansing eliminates nanoparticles
• Mild facial toner prepares the skin to absorb active substances
• Exfoliating peeling improves microcirculation for dewy skin
• Plumping collagen serum restores moisture and radiance
• Detox serum protects against harmful environmental influences
• ACE Vitamin moisturizing cream
• Sun protection with DNA repair complex
• Lightly tinted day cream for an immediate facial glow

If your skin looks tired and has lost its glow, try a clever and effective beauty glowing program based on select premium products from QMS to make that dull complexion a thing of the past. Discover the highly effective and ultra-concentrated skincare products for luminous skin in our range that help rapidly restore a fresh and youthful appearance.

Step 1: Anti-pollution detox cleansing Thorough cleansing is the basis for every beauty routine. Free your skin from impurities and residue from external pollutants by cleansing your face with our Epigen Pollution Detox Cleansing Gel in the mornings and evenings. Enriched with lactobionic acid, it frees your pores of dirt particles and leaves you with luminous and rosy skin.

Step 2: Mild facial toner for optimum skincare preparation Toner completes the cleansing processes and prepares the skin for the subsequent steps in your beauty routine. Our Hydratic Boost Tonic Mist gently removes any remaining dirt residue while at the same time strengthening the skin's natural protective acid mantle. It restores the correct pH value, refreshes your complexion and makes you glow naturally.

Step 3: Fruit acid peeling for better circulation A peeling removes dead skin cells. At the same time, it also stimulates the circulation to restore your skin’s natural rosy glow. The epidermis is prepared to better absorb the active ingredients in the following products for glowy skin. Perform a peeling approximately once or twice a week, for example with our Active Exfoliant Sensitive Peeling with 7% or 11% exfoliating fruit acid for brighter skin.

Step 4: Plumping collagen serum for more moisture and radiant skin After cleansing, we recommend applying a serum. As a result of their special molecular structure, serums have the ability to penetrate the skin especially deeply and work their way from the bottom to the top. They provide the skin with a lasting and sustainable source of all key nutrients. Our Day Collagen Serum moisturizes and firms your skin. In the evening, apply our highly effective Night Collagen Serum that supports the skin’s natural regeneration process overnight.

Step 5: The activating detox serum for a morning boost The ultra-concentrated Epigen Pollution Detox Serum protects your skin against harmful environmental influences and pollution that can cause the complexion to become dull. It also accelerates your skin’s regeneration processes and helps slow down skin aging. Apply the serum after our collagen serum and before a glowing moisturizer.

Step 6: ACE Vitamin moisturizing cream Don’t forget a rich moisturizing cream that leaves the skin rosy and refreshed. Our smart ACE Vitamin Moisturizing Cream protects your skin during the day, relaxes it in the evening and regenerates the cells while you sleep. Your skin will feel pleasantly moisturized and vitalized around the clock – for a fantastic glow.

Step 7: Sun protection with DNA repair complex In the hot summer months, the skin is exposed to stress from UVA and UVB radiation. Protect yourself from the sun and prevent skin damage by using strong sun protection. Our Cellular Sun Shield with SPF 50+ is based on a highly protective formula with a special active ingredient complex that activates cellular repair mechanisms to protect your glowing skin.

Step 8: Lightly tinted day cream with an instant glow effect You want radiantly glowing skin, without the wait? Then try a quick, clever trick – our special Active Glow Day Cream. As a tinted cream, it replaces a heavy and often matte foundation. At the same time, it supplies the skin with important, vitamin-rich skincare substances that smooth and firm. Your complexion? Fresh, naturally tinted and especially well cared for. Tip: Our day cream is available with SPF 15 or without sun protection. If you have already applied our sun protection, you will not need an additional SPF product.

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