The benefits of collagen supplements: beautiful and healthy skin

The benefits of collagen supplements: beautiful and healthy skin

Your skin is influenced by many different factors, ranging from the food you eat to the place you live. This finding has made the holistic wellness revolution one of the fastest growing trends in skincare. It encompasses not just the outward appearance but also the general wellbeing of body and soul. As such, beauty is about more than short-term results—it is a matter of perspective thinking. And the skin plays a key role here: It is our physical barrier against radiation, toxic chemicals and damage caused by free radicals. This makes it even more important to provide our skin with the right care through high-quality skincare products as well as effective collagen capsules as nutritional supplements.

Prevent signs of skin aging with collagen capsules

Adding nutritional supplements to your daily skincare routine can help you achieve beautiful skin from the inside out. Each of our Collagen Intravital Plus collagen capsules makes an invaluable contribution to regeneration of the skin cells. The unique and highly effective formula in these collagen capsules stimulates collagen synthesis, supports growth of skin cells and improves the overall condition and wellbeing of the skin. These supplements for skin health noticeably increase the skin’s elasticity, erasing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. At the same time, Collagen Intravital Plus capsules can also prevent new wrinkles and age spots from forming. 

Collagen hydrolysate—beauty and protection for your skin

In this day and age, our skin is confronted with many challenges. Environmental pollution in cities and its effects on your skin are an increasing problem. Negative environmental factors and oxidative stress cause intracellular damage that impacts the growth and repair processes of skin cells. The result is premature skin aging as well as an increase in skin diseases such as eczema. Taking good care of our skin from the inside out can help strengthen the important protective barrier. This can be achieved through a balanced diet and sufficient intake of liquids—as well nutritional supplements like collagen capsules from QMS. They contain ingredients such as OPC, an antioxidant that strengthens the skin cells against free radicals and provides them with effective protection.

Healthy skin from the inside out: collagen capsules as high-impact nutritional supplements

As a nutritional supplement, collagen not only combats the signs of skin aging, it also gives you a beautiful glow—the perfect solution to a dull and dry complexion. Our Collagen Intravital Plus collagen capsules help your skin look fresher and healthier again. The copper they contain supports the skin in breaking down old cells, while select vitamins contribute to a flawless complexion and prevent irritation. Normal cell function is restored and you can enjoy radiant, healthy skin that improves your general wellbeing. Tip: Before eating, swallow one capsule whole each morning and evening with sufficient liquid.

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