Moisturizing creams, fluids and more: our premium moisturizer must-haves

Moisturizing creams, fluids and more: our premium moisturizer must-haves

If you want your skin to look fresh, radiant and healthy, supplying it with adequate moisture is a must. Various factors such as harmful environmental influences, excessive stress, the wrong care or age can make your skin prone to dryness. It will then have flaky patches, feel tight and tend to itch. This makes indulging your skin in rich moisturizer even more important. A face moisturizer provides hydrating care, for example in the form of face creams and fluids. These are full of high-quality active ingredients that help visibly rehydrate the skin while at the same time ensuring effective storage of moisture. Our moisturizer must-haves are the perfect skincare solution. 

Our intensive anti-aging moisturizing cream: Advanced Cellular Marine

Our effective anti-aging face cream Advanced Cellular Marine is based on a revolutionary technology that draws its power from sea fennel stem cells. The stem cells from the tissue of this plant, a native of Brittany, contain high-quality nutrients that can protect the skin’s own stem cells and enhance their regeneration abilities. Cellular lifespan is extended and visible skin aging delayed, giving the complexion a radiant glow. Apply our ultra-effective face moisturizer in the morning and evening after cleansing.

Our moisturizing face cream: Antioxidant Cream

If you have dry and stressed skin, our Antioxidant Cream can help. This carefully formulated moisturizing lotion intensively hydrates your skin and supports its regeneration. Resveratrol protects the cells against free radicals in the environment that can cause damage and premature skin aging. Ectoine provides protection at night. Tip: For extremely dry skin, you can also use our face cream as a rich day cream.

Intelligent moisturizer: ACE Vitamin moisturizing care

Our smart ACE Vitamin moisturizing care has a built-in clock. Thanks to dynamically structured care cycles, it protects the skin with an effective vitamin complex during the day, provides beneficial relaxation by stimulating cellular activity in the evening and regenerates the skin at night. Your complexion appears intensively refreshed and visibly smoother as a result.

Skincare for young skin and for men: Liquid Proteins Fluid

Our high-quality Liquid Proteins Fluid was designed especially for the needs of young skin and men’s skin. The ultra-lightweight formula has a pleasantly soft feeling on the skin when applied. It creates a protective film that shields the skin against moisture loss. An active ingredient complex with hyaluronic acid, squalan, ceramides and silk proteins hydrates the skin, strengthens the elastin fibers and simultaneously stimulates cellular metabolism.

A day cream with moisture and a hint of color: Tinted Active Glow SPF 15 skincare

Our Active Glow SPF 15 day cream contains an exclusive combination of vitamins and treats your skin with abundant moisture. At the same time, this creamy moisturizer contains a light protection filter system that shields the sensitive skin of the face against UV rays, thereby effectively combating skin aging. A gentle tint gives you a beautiful, naturally fresh complexion.

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