Sun protection is just the start: Nourish your skin on summer vacation

Sun protection is just the start: Nourish your skin on summer vacation

Nourish your skin on summer vacation

A day at the beach is relaxing and good for the soul. On summer vacation, you can leave your busy everyday life behind and focus on yourself. Swimming in the sea and sunbathing on the beach can pose a challenge for your skin, however. It is exposed to damaging UV rays, both UVA and UVB, that cause sunburn and premature skin aging. If you have a sun allergy or are prone to acne, your skin may react even more sensitively, leading to an increase in blemishes. Salty seawater affects the condition of your skin as well. Although saltwater can be cleansing and disinfecting, it can also dry out the skin by drawing out moisture. This makes it vital to shield your skin with sunscreen and keep it adequately hydrated, for example with hyaluronic acid. The right nutritional supplement should be part of your beach routine as well. We have some tips on how to care for your skin while on summer vacation.

Make thorough facial cleansing a priority

Cleanse your skin thoroughly before heading to the beach and after sunbathing. A good cleansing product is essential for removing salt and sweat from your skin. Avoid products with mineral oil as they leave behind a film that can clog the pores. We recommend using our Deep Gentle Cleanser. The cleansing emulsion frees your skin of impurities and unclogs the pores, leaving the skin silky smooth rather than drying it out.

Beauty and protection from within: nutritional supplements

You can care for your skin from the outside and the inside while on summer vacation. We recommend taking our Collagen Intravital Plus nutritional supplement. The capsules contain hydrolyzed collagen that bypasses gastric acid and is absorbed directly into the blood through the small intestine. This way, it can stimulate regeneration of the skin, protect against environmental damage and prevent the first signs of aging.

A high SPF sunscreen for your face is especially important in summer

Never go without adequate sunblock, as it provides effective protection against damaging ultraviolet rays. Apply sunscreen to your skin whether the sun is shining brightly or not. Even on cloudy days, 80% of UV rays can get through. In addition, reflected light on the water can increase radiation by 50%. Our Cellular Sun Shield SPF 50 sun cream is highly effective and contains a DNA repair complex. It also makes a great sunscreen for sensitive skin. The skin is shielded by SPF 50 and nourished at the same time.

Indulge your hands in moisture

When vacationing by the sea, most people leave their hand cream at home because it is too greasy. Our Replenishing Protection Hand Cream is the perfect companion on the beach as it absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving any greasy residue. Your skin is supplied with moisture and feels soft. Don’t forget to take care of your lips either. Protect your lips with a lip balm containing zinc oxide.

Extra tip: Never wear heavy perfume or aftershave on the beach. When exposed to UV rays, the alcohol in perfume accelerates damage triggered by free radicals and causes pigmentation spots and wrinkles. Try spraying perfume in your hair instead. 

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